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for my learning journey in AI, industrial design, 3D, and illustration. Here, I’ll be sharing my experiences, insights, and discoveries as I explore these fascinating fields. 

Discover the latest trends, technologies, and techniques with me. Let’s push the boundaries of curiosity, knowledge and creativity. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy following along with my journey! 

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Zero to AI

Explore the cutting-edge realm of AI in this section and discover some complimentary resources along the way.

ID + 3D

Industrial design inspirations to 3D design focuses and some complimentary resources if available.


a collection of images displaying various portfolios. AI generated  images, design, 3d rendering or illustrations.

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beautiful, young adult, half body, femme fatale, caucasian, brunette, cyborg woman, titanium material, depth of field, rich detail photography, cinematic lighting, intricate details, half rear lighting, hyperrealism, high contrast, octane rendering, micro-details, ultra sharp –v 5

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