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Hello! Saya Andi.

This is my new blog, hopefully it will last long. I’ve been in the world of graphic design and branding since 1997, and now I’ve helped many well-known brands such as Cleo, Bu Rudy, Wonokoyo Goldstar, Avian Paints, TGP Motorparts, and many more from various industries.

I’m also really interested in technology, I was CTO at some startups, lecture at the Information System Department at ITS Surabaya, and have a good expertise in UI/UX design. Well, my interest in Artificial Intelligence is what made me want to create a blog again, so I can share interesting things about AI.

I love drawing, some of my works that I think are quite good will be uploaded here and most of them can be seen on my Instagram at @andidewanto.

Thank you for visiting my blog, hopefully it will be useful.